Review: The Michael and Nomi Show
by Beth Latshaw

The curtain arose with Nomi spotting me across a crowded lobby. We reached the simultaneous conclusion that we must be the other. Poor Michael trailed behind, not sure what was going on. He made up ground quickly by making me giggle within the first minute or so of meeting me. He is quite the gregarious guy.

We rode down the several escalators after watching one elevator open and close its doors -- teasing those of us waiting for one with it's speed and indecisiveness. Was it going up? Was it going down? Who could tell, really?

We made it out of the hotel and onto Broadway without major incident -- and with barely a break in the conversation. So engrossed in the conversation were we, that we took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong street for the restaurant we were going to.

Not to despair, Michael, a native New Yorker, quickly put us to rights and found the correct street. We even crossed the street like "real New Yorkers" -- no sissy walk signals for us.

The restaurant quickly came into view, and guided by three hungry stomachs, we made our way into a place called "My Favorite Dessert Company" (guess what they specialize in). The food was marvelous. The conversation at turns witty and downright hysterical. I don't believe I have ever had the good fortune to meet two people more perfectly suited than Michael and Nomi. They feed each other straight lines like old pros, and they clearly adore each other. It was truly a privilege to spend an afternoon in their company. I discovered that Michael is virtually inseparable from his palm (no not his hand, his PDA). And I do believe I've finally gotten the drool spots cleaned off of my Compaq (just kidding). The food was marvelous; the desserts extraordinary; and the company, divine.

We walked back to the hotel so that I could catch a cab (as Nomi says, it easier to get one when they are herded into one place than when they are allowed to roam free). While awaiting the cab, they sang (yes, sang) the Generic State Song. Quite the entertainment for my first visit to the big city. :) I give the Michael and Nomi show two enthusiastic thumbs up, and recommend it highly should you ever be in an area where they happen to be.

This was not a paid endorsement.